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Green Gem
仮面の宝石 (緑)
Map area:[map not given]
Room:Hideout of the arms merchant
Audience hall
Item type
Item type:Treasure
Uses guide
Can be combined with:Elegant Mask
Special guide
Level:Chapter 2-1
Chapter 3-2
Separate Ways Chapter 1
Selling price:3,000₧
Appears in:Resident Evil 4
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"The markings on the piece indicate that it was once set in something."
— Item examination

The Green Gem is a treasure item that appears in Resident Evil 4. It is a rare gem that can be set into the Elegant Mask, along with the Red Gem and Purple Gem to increase its value. Alone, it can be sold for 3,000₧.

There are 2 found in main game. The first is found in Chapter 2-1 after you fight Del Lago, in a barrel in the lakeside cave on the roof of the Merchant's building.

The second is found in Chapter 3-2 on a wall in the room where you place the Lion, Goat, and Serpent pieces together in the Gamecube version. In all other versions, the second one is switched with the Gamecubes's Purple Gem location in Chapter 4-1 on a statue. The same room where the King and Queen Grails are placed.

In Chapter 1 of Separate Ways, one can be found in the locked building in the village center. After you pass the merchant the gem will be in a box in the cave section.

Further notesEdit

The location of the second Green Gem could have been switched to make the game slightly easier. Players are likely to miss either the Red or Purple Gem in the village because of the split paths, so the switch gave some players a chance to compete first mask instead of ended up with two greens and one non green gem.




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