Green Herb card in the base set.


Green Herb card in Alliance.

Green Herbs are item cards in the Resident Evil DBG. They are the only card in the game to be redesigned for Alliance; first appearing in their traditional plant look and then designed around their "vial" design from Resident Evil 5 inventory system. Green herbs are part of the "Basic Resources" in the DBG, and are present in all scenarios of the game, without exception. They are used through "trashing" which forces the player to return them to the Resource Area. If only one is trashed, the designated character the item was used on is healed by 20 Health. If two are Trashed at the same time, the character is healed by 60. Herbs have a Gold Cost of 20, so they are reasonably easy to obtain, even at the very beginning of the game. Claire Redfield and George Hamilton both use Herbs for their effects. George uses herbs to gain Actions and extra cards. Claire uses them to increase her base damage.

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