Green Zombies were created when t-Virus-infected plants began to grow inside of regular zombies stumbling through the Arklay Mountains. The heads of the Green Zombies are somewhat deformed by the plant growing from it. The plant also makes the zombie poisonous.



  • If possible, it is recommended to keep distance from them, due their poisonous spores they will release after shot or hit with a melee weapon.
  • Several weapons will be best to defend against their attacks, these are:
  1. ​Concrete piece: They can make them step back a little, leaving a chance for the player to escape. However, the poisonous spores will be released.
  2. Spear: David's home made weapon will cause them a great amount of damage, and reduces the spores attack by 50%.
  3. Shotgun/Shotgun E: The shotgun will still release the spores, however if shot in a short distance (and to the head), it might instantly kill the zombies on Easy, Normal and, rarely, on Hard.
  4. Green Chemical Bottles: It will instantly kill the green zombies, and it won't release the spores.
  5. Axe: As soon the player finds the Axe, there's no need to carry another weapon, as it will kill any enemy in game within a little time. Green zombies still release spores when struck but there's a slight chance of knocking them to the ground with the Axe occasionally, preventing them from releasing spores.
  6. Grenade Launcher: Recommended to be left for Dorothy. Will instantly kill the zombie.



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