Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Monster Plant is found in a fountain in the Spencer Mansion's greenhouse. 


It was infected by t-Virus contaminated water, transforming its vines into mobile appendages that prevent intruders from proceeding further into the room. Chris comes across the mutant plant in attempt to reach the Armor Key, but the plant hinders him from reaching it, so Chris inserts herbicide to the water pump, which the chemical contaminated water kills the plant and Chris is able to reach the Armor Key and Herbs behind the Mutated Plant's withered vines.



Move Value Comments
Slap (ひっぱたく Hippataku?)[1] 2

Wind around the neck (首に巻きつく Kubi ni maki tsuku?)[1]

Note: Attack values written in green represent moves which will never drop the player's health below 1.


They really aren't any harm to anyone, except when they swipe at someone when they get too close. It guards either the Armor Key or a Death Mask on the other side of the fountain. The only way to kill it is to put in a plant chemical in the water tank that supplies the water for the fountain.




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