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The Grenade Launcher (2-Way) is a weapon that only appears in the game Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

It can be unlocked with the Red9 for 15 Nintendo 3DS Play Coins.

This is a special type of grenade launcher as it has two cannons that fire simultaneously.

It is only capable of firing Explosive Rounds. This Grenade Launcher is with the Red9 in a special loadout, independent from any character. It inflicts 2000 damage if both rounds hit a target.

Further notesEdit

  • The Extra loadout that contains this grenade launcher can be unlocked for 15 Nintendo 3DS Play Coins; all the other character´s loadouts only cost 10 Play Coins.
  • When the first images of Mercenaries 3D characters appeared around the web, the extra loadout icon appeared with a "?" sign, which was believed to be an extra character.
  • This loadout and Rebecca´s loadout are the only two containing two weapons, each having one empty space.


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