The Grenade Launcher is a weapon item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

Gameplay Edit

It is first seen by Steve Burnside behind a metal gate that can be only opened with the Emblem Card. Claire will need the card later to unlock the gate for herself. Being a single shot weapon, Claire needs to reload after firing every round.

Chris can also use it if Claire put it into an item box before the Nosferatu boss fight. Also after Chris saves her, Claire can use it if Chris put it into an item box.

It uses 4 types of rounds.

Grenade Rounds

Rounds that are filled with explosive. The most common type of round. They also have the shortest range when compared to other rounds due to the fact that they scatter into small pieces. Note that if all of them connect, the damage can be extreme.

Flame Rounds

Rounds that are filled with napalm gel. When used they damage further due to the fire damage. It is useful against Bandersnatches and the Gulp Worm that is fought as Chris.

Acid Rounds

Rounds that are filled with deadly sulfuric acid. Hunters and the tyrant are highly weak against them.

B.O.W. Gas Rounds

Rounds that are filled with a special anti B.O.W. gas. Only 3 rounds are found in the game. They are extremely effective against the tyrant in the plane. Note that these rounds alone cannot kill anything due to the fact that they only halve the health of any creature.

Gallery Edit



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