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The Grenade Launcher is a weapon in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


The Grenade Launcher must be found in weapon crates in various locations around the city. In certain campaign levels, players must find a Key Card in order to unlock a door to access a room that holds this Grenade Launcher. In later levels, multiple Grenade Launchers can be found in crates. Players cannot spawn at the start of a mission with this Grenade Launcher, unlike the other Grenade Launcher. The Grenade Launcher has 10 rounds in it's magazine in the campaign, while it has only 4 in multiplayer modes.


Campaign locations
USS On map? Enemy drop? Echo Six On map? Enemy drop?
3: Lights Out 1 No 1: Eye of the Storm 4 No
4: Gone Rogue 1 Yes 3: I Now Know Why You Cry 1 Yes
5: Expendable 3 No 4: Nothing is as it Seems 1 No
6: Redemption 1 No 6: The Places We're Meant To Die 2 No
7: End of the Line 3 No 7: Longest Yard 2 No


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