Guest List Copy is a file that can be found in the "Hellfire" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak.


This file is found in the Apple Inn's "Owner's room". It is on the shelf on the bottom level.[1] Recovering this file earns the player 20 points in "Hellfire"'s Event Checklist.[2]


·Security Box No. Duplicate

Mr. Andrew Evans JIA

Ms. Anna Lowell BAE

Mr. Dario Losso FBH

Mr. John O'Donnell IIB

Mr. Joseph Wilson DCH

Mr. Louis Sullivan CJF

Mr. Toby Whitman GGF

アンドリュー・エバンス様 JIA
アンナ・ローウェル様 BAE
ダリオ・ロッソ様 FBH
ジョン・オドネル様 IIB
ジョセフ・ウィルソン様 DCH
ルイス・サリバン様 CJF
トビー・ホイットマン様 GGF



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