Guide (案内人 An'naibito?) is a file that can be found in the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles level, Operation Javier 1.



A teacher in the village of Mixcoatl. While an exchange student, he worked for an NPO.

When he returned to his home village, he became a teacher, and dedicated himself to raising educational standards. He was hired by a US secret military agency after they took notice of his high-level information gathering skills, and reliability, to work as their informant into Javier's dealing in the area.

He knew that spying on Javier would prove to be a danferous propositionm but after seeing Javier's tyranny take the lives of so many of his countrymen, he agreed to the US government's proposition.

Sadly, he was attacked and killed by a B.O.W. released by Javier in retaliation. As a result, Leon and his team were left with no choice but to carry on with their mission without a guide.

米国に留学中、NPOに所属していた過去を持ち、 故郷に戻った後に、教師として村の教育水準の向上に貢献していた。

高い情報収集能力と、 信頼性を見込まれ合衆国特務機関に今作戦のスパイとして雇われることになる。

冷酷なハヴィエ相手に諜報活動を行うことは危険であったが、 ハヴィエの暴虐により若くして命を落としていく教え子達を見てきた彼は、 合衆国政府の提案に同意する。



The file's beginning describes how he was once an exchange student, though the original script makes it clear he was studying in the United States.