Further notes

The Gulp Worm was bio-weapon species created from manipulating earthworm DNA with the t-Virus.


The Gulp Worm was created by the administration of the t-Virus as part of a bio-weapons experiment to improve the earthworm genome.[1][excerpt 1] The series was still in the prototype stages during the Rockfort Island Incident, and the only known sample was used as a practice opponent for Rockfort Island's Anti-B.O.W. trainees.[2]

It was encountered twice at the Umbrella Corporation's prison facility on Rockfort Island. The first time it was encountered, it attacked Claire Redfield while she was exploring the military training field. Later, it was killed by Chris Redfield soon after it swallowed Rodrigo Juan Raval whole. As it died, it spat Rodrigo out.


  1. Excerpt from CODE:Veronica webpage:
    Mimizu no idenshi o kairyō shi, T - uirusu o tōyo suru koto de tsukuriage rareta ōgata no seitai heiki. (ミミズの遺伝子を改良し、T-ウイルスを投与することで造り上げられた大型の生体兵器。?)
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