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The Gun Powder, is an item found in Resident Evil 3. It is used with the Reloading Tool item to make ammo for your weapons; without looking for it. They can also be combined with Grenade Rounds. There are three kinds of Gun Powder: A, B, and C.

Powder combinationEdit

Continuous use of the reloading tool might increase the quantity of ammunition created for the following combinations. The numbers listed show the quantity to expect when making ammunition.

Note: These numbers only refer to the quantity of normal ammunition produced. The number of rounds made increases the more of the mentioned combo is used. At a certain point, enhanced ammunition is made instead of normal rounds if the player so chooses, though the quantity of ammo will be reduced to compensate for the increased power per shot. To give you a rough idea of the power difference, take note that a single Enhanced Handgun Round will make Nemesis flinch, whereas he'll simply shrug off normal handgun rounds.

Note also that you will get more ammo per mixture in Easy Mode than in Hard Mode. In Easy Mode, as a diligent collector of gun powder, you can easily survive the last third of the game using nothing but the Magnum.

Handgun ammo combinations
  • Gunpowder A: 15 handgun ammo
  • Gunpowder A+A: 35 handgun ammo
  • Gunpowder A+A+A: 55 Handgun ammo
  • Gunpowder B+B+A: 60 Handgun ammo
Shotgun shells combinations
  • Gunpowder B: 7 Shotgun shells
  • Gunpowder B+B: 18 Shotgun shells
  • Gunpowder A+A+B: 22 Shotgun shells
  • Gunpowder B+B+B: 30 shotgun shells
Grenade rounds combinations

-To create gunpowder C mix gunpowder A and B together

  • Gunpowder C: 10 Grenade rounds
  • Gunpowder A+C: 10 Flame rounds
  • Gunpowder B+C: 10 Acid rounds
  • Gunpowder C+C: 10 Freeze rounds

Mixing gunpowder to regular grenade rounds will make special rounds. Gunpowder A will make Flame rounds. Gunpowder B will make Acid rounds and Gunpowder C will make Freeze rounds. Take note that no more than six can be made at a time.

Magnum rounds combinations
Resident Evil 3 Powder CCC

CCC powder

  • Gunpowder C+C+C: 24 Magnum rounds

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