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Gun Powder C is formed when Gun Powder A and Gun Powder B are mixed together.


Gun Powder C is the primary component to creating the varying Grenade Launcher rounds, using different combinations of powder. The exception being the usage of three Gun Powder Cs, which produces Magnum ammo. Maximum amount of Gun Powder C, player can obtain through mixing Gun Powder A with B, is seventeen (because maximum amount of Gun Powder B is 17).


Mixing different jars of Gun Powder with the Reloading Tool gives different kinds of Grenade Rounds (C, C+A, C+B, C+C), Jill will gain a point of experience for obtaining more of ammunition. Also, there is a direct connection between those mixes and combinations of Gun Powder with Explosive Grenade Rounds (A + G.R.; AA + G.R.; AAA + G.R.; B + G.R.; BB + G.R.; BBB + G.R.; C + G.R.; CC + G.R.; CCC + G.R.) that also give the same point of experience.

  1. 1-3 = 10 x Grenade Rounds
  2. 4-6 = 11 x Grenade Rounds
  3. 7-11 = 13 x Grenade Rounds
  4. 12+ = 15 x Grenade Rounds

If three mixed Gunpowder C (CCC) are combined with the Reloading Tool, it will produce 24 Magnum Bullets.


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