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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes

This is a page for notable quotes of HUNK.

Resident Evil 2Edit

  • "This way."
  • "Doctor, we're here to collect a G-Virus sample!"
  • "Stop it, you might hit the sample!"
  • "Thats it alright...ok move out!"
  • "G...G-Virus... I have to bring it to Umbrella..."

  • "Alpha team here, mission accomplished."

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

  • "Alpha Team here, respond. I have secured G. I am all that is left of the Alpha Team. I am on route to the rendezvous point."
  • "This is war; survival is your responsibility."
  • "Mission accomplished. The survival rate was 4% and valuable human resource were lost, but that is war."
  • "The mission objective takes priority over everything else. Holding to that principle is why I have never failed a mission."
  • "The Death cannot die."

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityEdit

  • "You guys must be the new Delta Team, Report."
  • "We're entering the lab of Doctor William Birkin -- an Umbrella scientist attempting to sell classified samples of a weaponized virus strain to the U.S. government."
  • "Intercept Birkin and secure the G-Virus."
  • "Guard this door. Do not let ANYONE approach. YOU come with me."
  • "Let's go. Everyone aboard. We've got a mission."
  • "Come on! Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus. There's nothing you can do. Get out of here and make a full report to Management."
  • "I lost the sample. I'm going back for it."

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

  • "This is HUNK. I just arrived at the mission area."
  • "Ready to start the mission."
  • "Mission accomplished. Returning to base."
  • "Another day, another dollar."
  • "You wouldn't be if you knew how I got that name." -(answer to Rachel Foley's "Pleased to work with you, Dr. Death)

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