The Hall (ホール Hōru?) is an area of the library on Sheena Island.[1]


The large stair in front leads to the second floor of the library. There's a reception desk on the left side of the hall along with other things such as guide map and pictures.


Upon entering the area, a scene plays where the player encounters an old man who identifies the character as Vincent and begs him not to kill him. They both then hears a helicopter and the old man says that you, Vincent, already ordered to Cleaners in and runs away.

There is a Green Herb on the upper floor.

When returning here from the Library room, a scene will play where the player hears foot steps close by and another door being opened and shut. When the player continues down the stairs 2 Cerberus will jump through the windows. The door to the Archive will now be open.


Location Localization Original script
The door back to Shopping Street B There's no need to go back.
The painting A picture is hung on the wall.
The map on the wall This is the guide map of this library.
The counter "If you're an employee and are borrowing a book, please use your ID card. "
The door to the Archive before picking entering the Library room It's locked.




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