Hand grenades are small, portable explosives that can be thrown by hand, often with devastating results. Grenades often rely on either the brute force of the explosion itself or from the shrapnel they produce to do damage.

Resident Evil 3Edit

Hand grenades are also seen being deployed by members of the U.B.C.S. during the opening cinematic for Resident Evil 3. Mikhail will use a grenade during an alternative cutscene against a horde of zombies, and will also use one in a cutscene to prevent Nemesis from reaching Jill and Carlos.

Resident Evil 4Edit


Hand grenades make their first usable appearance in Resident Evil 4, where Leon can find them scattered in various locations. They are most effectively used against large groups of Ganados, but are also useful against bosses, such as Bitores Mendez. A grenade occupies two blocks of Leon's inventory.

The fragmentation-type hand grenade has a distinctive green body. These grenades appear to be a pressed-steel, generic fragmentation grenades.

The Hand Grenade sells for 2,000₧ at the Merchant.

Resident Evil 5Edit

"A powerful hand-thrown explosive device. Effective against groups of enemies."

The hand grenade returns in Resident Evil 5 sporting a design similar to a high explosive grenade or a smoke canister. RE5's differing inventory system allows the players to carry five grenades per item slot. The HE variant is the green one.

Grenades sell for ₦250.

While fighting the U-8 on the elevator, once it is stunned, if a player has one or more Hand Grenades in their inventory, they can run up to its open mouth, and perform a special action command where the player tosses a grenade into its open mouth, damaging the creature, and exposing its brain.

Resident Evil 6Edit

The grenades in Resident Evil 6 makes a return with the same design as the previous ones and still stacks up to 5 grenades on a slot. This type of grenade only appears in Chris' and Ada's campaign and is uncommon in availability, recommending the player to use it on groups of enemies.

Hand Grenades in Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

"A destructive hand-thrown explosive. Works well on clusters of enemies."

The grenades in Revelations are very similar to the grenades in both RE4 and 5. You can carry 5 hand grenades at a time in the Story Mode and 5-15 in Raid Mode, depending on your upgrades. Unlike Resident Evil 5 and 6, throwing these grenades in close proximity won't harm the player.

Operation Raccoon CityEdit

Manual grenade

Hand grenades return in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, where they are used by both the Umbrella Security Service and the Government SpecOps. Players can carry up to three at a time. Grenades are found scattered throughout various segments of the map. Stun and Incindiary grenades also appear in the game.

Beltway and Chris Redfield can put grenades into zombies' mouth making their head to explode and damaging nearby enemies as well.

Other GamesEdit

The Hand Grenade also appears in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and its sequel, the maximum capacity per character is five.

Multiple versions of the Hand Grenade with Explosive, Incinidary and Acid versions were to appear in an early build of Resident Evil 2, dubbed BIOHAZARD 1.5 , though its unknown if they were to be present along with the Grenade launcher or if they were replaced by the Grenade launcher. In the playable build of Resident evil 1.5 available online, it is possible for the player to equip the hand grenade through the De-Bug menu. The Explosive variant can be thrown showing the finished throwing animation and while it will bounce off the floor, it passes through walls. While the explosive variant does explode, the Incinidary and Acid versions do nothing. It's possible for the player to accidently kill themselves if they stand too close to the explosive grenade when it detonates resulting in the game over screen. However, If a monster is caught up in the blast the game will crash.


As with most video games, the fragmentation grenades featured in Resident Evil 4 and 5 detonate after a short delay, about three seconds. This gives them added flexibility in deployment, as you can toss them past interfering opponents and ricochet the explosive off of walls. At further distances, they can be aimed to "air-burst" over a group. It is effective against shields and armored foes, although limited by line-of-sight for damage. Tossing a grenade into the water will cause a significant explosion that is only marginally less effective than the blast on open ground. Use grenade against fast moving enemies can be difficult, but still possible if you anticipate their paths.

For taking on a particularly hardy boss or sub-boss, the hand grenade does the most base damage out of the three available types, enough to kill most common types of enemies instantly. It's blast radius is roughly twice that of an Incendiary Grenade, making it an ideal weapon to demolish mobs, and the concussive force will usually blow an enemy several feet away. The latter can be a life saver when confronted with a difficult to stun enemy like the Chainsaw Majini's "berserk" form. It is a good idea to assign a grenade of some sort to quick switch, as they are very handy in a tight situation.

However, unlike the other grenades, which can be used more or less at point blank range, the hand grenade will do intense damage to the player character if thrown too close.[1] Despite this, the blast radius against player characters is surprisingly small, on par with the incendiary grenade. In versus, the grenades must be lobbed with relative precision to be effective.

In the beginning of chapter 3-2 in Resident Evil 4, two grenades can kill all of the gathered cultists with little trouble. Saddler can be stunned with just a single Hand Grenade, causing him to expose his weak point allowing the player to use the knife on him. This tactic is easier than shooting the eyes on his legs.

The hand grenade is very useful against some boss fights in the Umbrella Chronicles, especially against Lisa Trevor.

Further notesEdit

  • Hand Grenades were originally intended to be a weapon in the Resident Evil 2 beta, and in Resident Evil 0 but they were cut in their final releases.
  • Unlike the Incendiary and Flash grenades, the Hand Grenades have a fairly significant effect even when tossed into water.
  • In Resident Evil 3, If a player goes a second time to the trolley/cablecar (without having the 3 items in order to put the cable car on the go) an special scene where Mikhail shoots at zombies will play, however if the player had used the gas tank to ignite the zombies, Mikhail will throw one of his grenades at the zombies.
  • In Resident Evil 5, Base Majini will throw rounded flashbang grenades, or distinctive "stielhandgranate" concussion grenades (although the blast appears to be fragmentation), despite only wearing rounded grenades on their vests. This was likely done so players could visually know what type of grenade an enemy threw.
  • Mikhail's grenades in RE3 are Mk3A2 concussion grenades. Grenades in RE4 are a stamped-steel fragmentation / concussion type. RE5 uses a cylindrical concussion grenade, like RE3, as well as offensive stick grenades for the Base Majini. Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles use M67 fragmentation / concussion grenades.
  • In Resident Evil 4, if the player throws a grenade and then jumps out of a high window with glass, the grenade will simply disappear. This glitch can be done with other types of grenade too.



  1. The neutral throwing range barely throws the grenade out of it's damage radius.