The Handgun is Leon S. Kennedy's starting weapon during Resident Evil 2. The gun is identified as a Heckler & Koch VP70.


The VP70 is an eighteen-shot polymer pistol that served as Leon's R.P.D. police firearm. It is a useful weapon early on, with a larger magazine than Claire's Browning HP handgun, but slightly less power.

Leon's Handgun is a preferred choice when fighting the lesser enemies of the game such as zombies and Zombie Dogs. However, it is a bit weak against lickers, and inadequate for tough opponents like T-00.

VP70 BurstEdit

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VP70 Burst

Leon can find Handgun Parts (located in a locked desk in the Lounge; a Small Key is required to unlock) which upgrades the gun to the VP70 Burst.

Using these parts, the handgun gains a plastic stock and three-round burst functionality. The upgrade does not increase the power nor its ammo capacity, but a single burst can knock down a zombie, useful in close quarter fights with mobs of undead. Upgrading the weapon will also automatically reload it, which gives more ammunition that the player would not actually have.

The upgraded VP70 can now effectively take on tougher opponents such as lickers with ease when using the Burst Mode, but with the disadvantage of a much heavier ammunition usage.

  • The Burst Handgun can also be set to either Semi-Auto Mode or 3-Shot Burst Mode in the menu.

The Fourth SurvivorEdit

Umbrella Security Service operative HUNK carries the basic VP70 handgun in his kit. It is best recommended to use it against Zombies, Zombie Dogs and Ivy B.O.W.s.

Extreme Battle Mode Edit

  • Leon's main weapon in the mini game is the VP70 Handgun.
  • There is a 50% chance that the Handgun Parts will appear in Leon's game, inside the Sleeping room in Lab B4F. It will enable Leon to acquire the VP70 Burst via upgrading. The parts appear in all three levels.

Examine Descriptions Edit


"H&K VP70. Manufactured by H&K, Germany. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."

Custom Handgun

"H&K VP70 Burst. VP70 with a stock holster. Capable of firing three round auto bursts."

Other appearancesEdit

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