The Handgun is Jill Valentine's starting weapon in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the Hard Mode. In Easy Mode this weapon can be found in the Item Box.

The gun is described as a Beretta M92FS in-game, but it also has another name: Samurai Edge.

  • Resident Evil 3 is actually the first game, where the name of that custom Beretta M92F "Samurai Edge" is mentioned.[1]


The weapon has a magazine capacity of 15 normal Handgun rounds. It is a preferred choice when fighting lesser enemies such as zombies and Zombie Dogs. However, due to the limited power of its bullets, it tends to be rather useless against stronger enemies such as the Hunters.

The gun is also able to chamber enhanced ammunition, which increases it's firepower.

M92F Enhanced Edit

The M92F Enhanced is created by loading Enhanced Handgun Bullets into the Handgun.

While the enhanced ammunition does not change the Handgun's appearance or it's magazine capacity, the weapon has a noticeably different "boom" when firing.

In performance, the M92F gains stronger firepower. The gun also gains stronger recoil, but unlike the M3S Enhanced, it doesn't cause Jill to move back significantly.

With the Handgun's enhanced power, it often knocks back a zombie with one shot and requires less rounds to kill it. It is also now ideal for fighting stronger enemies, even Nemesis.

  • The bullet counter of this weapon in the inventory screen changes to red to denote that it is loaded with Enhanced Handgun Bullets. The ejected shells have a darker colour as well.
  • When the Handgun is loaded with normal bullets, enhanced ammo cannot be uploaded until the weapon is empty. Combining the enhanced ammo with the weapon must be made in the status screen.
  • When the player wants to change the type of ammunition from enhanced to normal, he/she must follow the same rules.

Ammo comparisonEdit

Standard and enhanced ammo has the same characteristics, exception is the damage, dealing to monsters. Here's the table for comparing how much bullets the enemy can take, before dying.

Comparison of the ammo
Enemy Standard Enhanced
Zombie 4-10 2-6
Zombie Dog 5-9 3-5
Drain Deimos 6-10
Brain Sucker 6-10
Giant Spider 6-10 4-5
Hunter β 6-8 3-5
Hunter γ 6-8 4-6
Grave Digger
Nemesis-T Type

Examine Description Edit


"M92F Custom. A custom handgun made for S.T.A.R.S. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."

M92F Enhanced

"Enhanced M92F Custom. It is loaded with enhanced 9mm parabellum rounds."

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The following guns have the name "Beretta 92F" or share a similar physical appearance:

References Edit

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