The Handgun is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is wielded by every playable characters in the game. They vary in appearance depending on the character used but performs the same.

By default, the Handgun has a low firepower and a weak stopping power. However it makes it up with a comfortable amount of capacity, a rather fast rate of fire and a short reload speed. Unlike other weapons that has reserve ammo, the Handgun has unlimited ammunition. All of these stats can be upgraded to improve its performance.


The gun appears as the following for these characters:


In-game on the upgrade menu, the game's description reads:

"It's small, but has unlimited ammo. It's also good for headshots."

Upgrade Chart

It takes 115,000 Gold to fully upgrade the Handgun.

Grade Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Capacity Stopping Power
D Default Default
D+ 2,500 Gold 2,500 Gold
C 8,000 Gold 8,000 Gold

14,000 Gold

14,000 Gold
B 20,000 Gold Default Default Default
B+ 6,000 Gold 5,000 Gold 5,000 Gold
A 12,000 Gold 9,000 Gold 9,000 Gold
A+ 14,000 Gold