"HANDGUN. The RPD's official handgun. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."

The HANDGUN is a weapon featured in the Resident Evil Outbreak series. This semi-automatic pistol serves as the main sidearm of the Raccoon Police force.

It is the basic handgun of the Outbreak Series, and one of the most common weapons to be found. It appears in almost all scenarios of both Outbreak Outbreak and Outbreak File 2.

The Handgun has a capacity of 15 rounds, does moderate damage, and possesses decent firing speed. It uses 9mm parabellum, the same ammunition as all of the handguns in the series. (except the .38 Special Revolver)

It can be loaded by manual reloading (inserting bullets one by one in-game; hold down the reload button or combine the ammo box with the weapon in the menu). Or the player can also use Handgun Magazines for quick reload times.


Handgun bullets.


Handgun magazine.

  • This handgun's effectiveness is hampered by its limited range.
  • Kevin Ryman & Alyssa Ashcroft have the ability to perform Potshots with this weapon, doubling the damage dealt.
  • NPC police officers often carry this gun.

Other appearances

The following guns have the name "Beretta 92F" or share a similar physical appearance: