"Beretta M92FS. Semi-automatic. One of a thousand."

Chris Redfield is armed with this weapon item in the Resident Evil 2 minigame Extreme Battle. The weapon is identified as a Beretta 92/FS.

This Handgun is a 15 shot weapon, sporting an almost identical look and performance with the Beretta from Resident Evil. It has a special ability to perform a critical headshot when shooting normal enemies, decapitating them instantly and resulting in an instant death. Every shot fired has the chance to execute this ability.

Chris's Handgun is a preferred choice when fighting the lesser enemies of the game such as zombies and Zombie Dogs.

Like Leon and Claire's handguns, this weapon also uses 9x19mm Parabellum rounds.

Other appearances

The following guns have the name "Beretta 92F" or share a similar physical appearance: