"Browning HP. Manufactured by FN, Belgium. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
— Item examination

Claire Redfield begins the game with the Handgun in Resident Evil 2. She finds it in the glovebox of Patrol Car "102". The weapon is identified as a Browning Hi-Power.


The Browning HP carries 13 handgun rounds and is slightly stronger in firepower compared to Leon's VP70 handgun.

Claire's handgun is, like Leon's, most effective on lesser enemies like Zombies and zombie dogs, but unlike Leon's it cannot be upgraded and thus becomes much less effective against larger B.O.W.s later in the game.

Ada Wong also carries this weapon, but wields it horizontally and fires more rapidly than Claire, allowing her a slightly better chance to take out tougher enemies such as Web Spinners in the sewers.