"A handgun with high accuracy. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
— Item description

The Handgun HP is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil Outbreak File#2. It was meant to appear at some point in the first Outbreak, but it was removed from the game and added to its expansion. The surviving Outbreak icon is seen on the Infobox.

The Handgun HP is found in the Desperate times scenario as the standard weapon, and it is also found in certain minigames, depending on the difficulty.

Boasting great accuracy, the Handgun HP is slightly more powerful than the standard handgun, but it carries only 13 rounds, identical to the more powerful HANDGUN SG. It uses special HP Magazines, different from standard Handgun Magazines.

  • Kevin Ryman's Potshot ability comes in handy with this gun.
  • This handgun deals 150 HP of damage with each shot. Also, because of its great accuracy, the damage will stay consistent if the target is far away. This makes the HP handgun a good choice for extra modes, like Elimination.

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