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"An easy-to-use, reliable handgun. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
— Item description

The Handgun SG in Resident Evil Outbreak series is a semi-automatic pistol issued to Umbrella research facility employees.


The Handgun SG has a magazine size of 13 handgun rounds, and inflicts the highest damage of all the handguns at 160HP at short range, depleting to 60% (96HP) and 40% (64HP) of that at medium and long range, respectively.[1]

During the "Below Freezing Point", if pointed at a Hunter, there's a strong chance of it attacking the player and breaking the gun in the process, rendering the weapon useless, unless David repairs the handgun with his junk parts.[1]


In the story-based scenarios, the Handgun SG can only be found in the Below Freezing Point scenario of 'Outbreak' and in the Flashback scenario on HARD and VERY HARD modes in File #2. In the minigames of File #2, its appearance is limited to Elimination 1.



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