Handgun ammunition is the first form of ammunition found in the Resident Evil titles. They are used for various handguns in the games and usually the most common item found. Some RE games depict handgun ammo in magazines, other games show them in boxes.

In most cases, handgun ammo is classified in Resident Evil games as "9x19mm Parabellum", a popular small caliber pistol round in real life.

Gameplay Specifics

Resident Evil 3 features the ability to create handgun ammo using gunpowder and the Reloading Tool. Enhanced ammunition is also featured, obtained by making enough regular bullets.

The Resident Evil Outbreak series depict Handgun ammunition in boxes. However they count as individual rounds, meaning each bullet must be manually placed in the gun. Fortunately these rounds can be loaded in magazine and speedloader items to quicken reload time.

  • Kevin Ryman uses powerful .45 ammo for his Custom Handgun, instead of 9mm Parabellum. However, compared to 9mm rounds, .45 rounds are very scarce.
  • The Revolver of Outbreak File 2 uses .38 Special rounds, slightly stronger than 9mm.
  • The Submachine gun of the Outbreak series is one of the few weapons in the Resident Evil series that uses the same 9mm bullets that handguns use.

Resident Evil Revelations limits the amount for carrying a Handgun ammunition rather than taking up a space. Though, by acquiring Ammo Bags specifically for the Handgun Ammo, it can extend the amount of Handgun ammunition you can carry. The same applies in Raid Mode by buying Handgun Ammo Bags in the store rather than finding it scattered around the stage.

In Resident Evil 6, the 9mm Ammo is used for both what the game classifies "Handguns" and "Machine Pistols".

In Resident Evil Survivor, handgun ammo is unlimited by default and in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, & Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, the handguns themselves are unlimited without their ammo ever being viewable in the game.

In Operation Raccoon City, handguns don't use their own ammo,instead the games uses its own mechanics where ammo stashes and boxes replenish all ammo to the player.


Game Display name Jp name Compatible With Examine – Engish Examine – Japanese Max rounds per space
Resident Evil 0 Handgun Ammo Unknown

"Holds 9x19 parabellum rounds for use with handguns."

Resident Evil (1996) CLIP Unknown Beretta

<p class="definition">"Clip for Beretta."

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence HANDGUN BULLETS Unknown HANDGUN

<p class="definition">"Handgun clip, plain and simple."

Resident Evil (2002) Handgun Magazine Unknown Samurai Edge

<p class="definition">"A clip for the handgun. 15 rounds of 9mm Parabellum."

Resident Evil 2 H. Gun Bullets ハンドガンの弾

<p class="definition">"9x19 parabellum rounds that can be used for either the H&K VP70 or Browning HP."

<p class="definition">"9X19パラベラム弾 H&K VP70またはブローニングHPに使用する "

Resident Evil 2 (2019) Handgun Ammo Unknown

<p class="definition">"9mm Parabellum handgun bullets. The most common of bullets, they are favored for their stable flight trajectory and moderate recoil."

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis H. Gun Bullets Unknown "9x 19 parabellum rounds. Used for either the M92FS Custom or the SIGPRO." 250
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Handgun Bullets Unknown

<p class="definition">"9mm x 19 Rounds. These can be used with the M93R and Glock 17."

Resident Evil 4 Handgun Ammo ハンドガンの弾 "A box of 9mm rounds." 50
Resident Evil 5 Handgun ammo Unknown "Ammo for the handgun." 50 - During gameplay
999 - In storage
Resident Evil 6 9mm Ammo 9mm弾 None None 150
Resident Evil Outbreak Handgun rounds Unknown "9mm parabellum rounds. They are used for various handguns."
Resident Evil Outbreak .45 Auto rounds 45オートの弾 (45 Ōto no dan?)</span> .45 AUTO HANDGUN "Used in the 45 Automatic."
Resident Evil Outbreak Revolver rounds Unknown REVOLVER "38 special rounds. They are used for a revolver."
Resident Evil: Dead Aim Handgun rounds Unknown Unknown 30
Resident Evil: Revelations Handgun Ammo Unknown "Ammo for Handgun." 120 (Campaign) 280 (Raid Mode)
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Handgun Ammo Unknown "Ammo for handguns".
Resident Evil: Survivor Handgun Bullets Unknown "These are 9x19 Parabellum Bullets that can be used for various handguns." ∞ (Infinite)
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Handgun Ammo (ハンドガンの弾 hando gan no dan?) "Standard handgun ammo." TBA 30

Resident Evil 3 creation guide

Hand Gun Bullets can be created, using prevalent Gun Powder A and its variations, such as A+A, A+A+A and B+B+A. Only this four kinds of Gun Powder can be transformed either to the standard handgun bullets or Enhanced Handgun Bullets, when Jill has enough experience in creating that kind of ammo.

It should be noted that each and every powder combination, when using the reloading tool, gives one point of experience to the player's total toward producing the same type of ammunition (gun powder mixtures "A", "A+A", "A+A+A", and "B+B+A", all reward just one experience point).

On eighth creation of the handgun ammo kind, Jill will be asked if she wants to obtain powerful Enhanced Handgun Ammo. If the choice is "No", than standard ammo will be obtained.

This is the order of gaining experience at the Handgun Ammo and Enhanced Handgun Ammo creating:

1-3 15 x Handgun Ammo 35 x Handgun Ammo 55 x Handgun Ammo 60 x Handgun Ammo
4-6 17 x Handgun Ammo 39 x Handgun Ammo 61 x Handgun Ammo 66 x Handgun Ammo
7 20 x Handgun Ammo 46 x Handgun Ammo 72 x Handgun Ammo 78 x Handgun Ammo
8-11 20 x Handgun Ammo or 17 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo 46 x Handgun Ammo or 39 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo 72 x Handgun Ammo or 61 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo 78 x Handgun Ammo or 66 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo
12+ 23 x Handgun Ammo or 20 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo 53 x Handgun Ammo or 46 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo 83 x Handgun Ammo or 72 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo 90 x Handgun Ammo or 78 x Enhanced Handgun Ammo

Resident Evil 4

For the the first time Handgun Ammo can now be dropped by enemies as well as found on the map. Each box of ammo takes up 2 spaces (1x2) of inventory and can carry up to 50 bullets. Bullets can be sold to the Merchant for 50₧ each. Ammo will drop it sets of either 10, 15, or 20.