"Hard Mode" is a common difficulty choice in a video game, along with Easy, Normal, and on some games - Very Hard.

In Resident Evil Outbreak, it is unlocked after completing the Decisions, Decisions scenario. 2000 points are needed to purchase it. In Outbreak File 2, It is unlocked after completing the "end of the road" for the same price.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

In Resident Evil 3, Jill will start with only a Handgun and the Reloading Tool. In the Item box, only the Knife is available. However, Special Weapons are available after collecting parts obtained by defeating the Nemesis-T Type. There are only 8 inventory slots (but after Carlos gives you the "Suspender", there will be 10 slots). Some other items are also obtainable by defeating Nemesis.

Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, Hard Mode is called Professional. In Professional, enemies are much more resilient, making it ill-advisable to attempt to kill them all. They also deal more damage. Quick Time Events are also less forgiving.

Resident Evil 5

In Resident Evil 5, Hard Mode is called Veteran. In Veteran, applied game changes:

  • Player has shorter time than previous difficulties to perform QTE.
  • Enemies are much stronger and will deal more damage.
  • The Chainsaw Majini is able to attack a second time after you defeat him, this time in an enraged frenzy that attacks anything in sight.
  • Vehicle will lose more health when damaged.

Resident Evil 6

In Resident Evil 6, Hard Mode is called Veteran. In Veteran, applied game changes:

  • Enemies deal more damage.
  • Enemies are more resilient.
  • Characters can bump into walls from this difficulty and above, and they lose a small amount of combat gauge.

Resident Evil Revelations

3DS version

In Resident Evil Revelations, Hard Mode is called "Hell", designed to 'Test the limit of your sanity' as the difficulty describes. In Hell mode, applied game changes:

  • Enemies do more damage and are also able to take more damage before dying.
  • The wire puzzle gets more complicated compared to Normal and Casual.
  • Hunters have a high probability of doing their Throat-slit move, which instantly kills the player.
  • Players also find Ammo Bags that did not exist in Normal or Casual to expand the ammo limit.
  • Along with Ammo Bags, players also find Illegal Custom Parts which did not exist in Normal or Casual.

HD Port

In the HD Port of Revelations, Hell mode is replaced by Infernal, an even harder difficulty. The description is unchanged. In Infernal, applied game changes:

  • Enemies do more damage and are also able to withstand more damage before dying.
  • Enemies are placed differently as well as powerful enemies being put in earlier chapters.
  • Items that were made easier to find are now hidden.
  • Ammunition and other items are very scarce.
  • Players are able to find Ammo Bags which did not exist in Normal or Casual.
  • Along with Ammo Bags, they are also able to find Legendary Custom Parts, which exist only in Infernal.