"W-What should I do?! "
— Harry panics after losing fellow RPD officers Eric and Elliott.

Harry was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department.


When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's water supply, tens of thousands of people transformed into Zombies on September 24. Although the RPD was operating on the notion they were dealing with a particularly violent riot, of which the perpetrators were murdering people in the streets, Harry; Eric and Elliott were ordered to carry out "Operation: Mop Up", which involved the planting of explosives to kill thousands of said "rioters" that had congregated on Main Street. During the operation, Eric and Elliott were killed when the safety barricade collapsed, and a group of refugees assisted in setting off the charges before RPD reinforcements arrived.[1] Over the next three days, Harry survived outside of the Raccoon City Police Station by remaining within a tactical police van. He eventually encountered fellow officer, Rita Phillips, who convinced him to return to the station to rescue a number of citizens and officers defending the position.[2]


"Kevin? You've shown up just in time! Please help me! Here, you can use this gun! Please!"
— Harry encounters Kevin and the survivors on Main Street.

Harry is unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by beating the "Outbreak" scenario on HARD mode. He is bought alongside Elliott and Eric for 5000 points.[3] In File 2, this character set can be bought for much cheaper and transferred to the original game via data convert, thus unlocking him for much cheaper.

He is a George-type character. His stats are as follows:

  • A low Vitality of between 900 and 1200.
  • An infection rate of 1.34% per minute
  • a movement speed of 0.57
  • a damage multiplier X0.84

He starts with a Green and Blue Herb mix and in FINE status.[4]




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