Helena, a devoted sister is an article in Resident Evil Recollections. It was uploaded on 10 April 2015.


Resident Evil introduces two characters who tend to act like overprotective siblings, but perhaps Helena's emotions stand out more than Jake's; Helena was recommended by Hunnigan for the DSO based on her strong character after all, perhaps it was destiny that she would fight alongside Leon in Tall Oaks.

Helena appears to be somewhat shaken immediately after the outbreak, but she earns Leon's trust nonetheless and the two form a formidable pair. Leon obviously saw something in her and no doubt considered himself lucky to have such a talented agent as a partner.

Of course, it's not as though she doesn't have good reason to be so torn up during the first part of the story...

If you want to know more about her tale of redemption and adventures with Leon you'll need to pick up a copy of Resident Evil 6!

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