Claire Helicopter

Claire encountering the Helicopter wreckage.

N21RA was the designation for a Helicopter owned by the Raccoon City Police Department (RPD). During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, it was used to evacuate survivors.

However, on September 29th, whilst preparing to lower a rope to lift up a Police officer it was destroyed. Its destruction was caused by the police officers sub-machine gun hitting the pilot when he was attacked by Zombies. The pilot lost control of the chopper and it crashed on the helipad above the RPD. This caused a large fire, and the impact was strong enough for the front of the chopper to crash through the wall of the inside building.

To get to another room, Claire Redfield used a bomb on the front to move it out of the way.

This appears to be the same AS350B helicopter as the one in the background of the photograph of the full STARS team. 


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