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Proper Editing

Please keep in mind that this site is an encyclopaedia, not a fan-site. And as such, please use proper words as opposed to slang. Users can freely edit their user pages to what they like.

Example of a User Profile

hi. My name is ***.

Example of an article

He was killed during the events of Raccoon City.


Please make sure to give images proper names. For instance, an image of Albert Wesker may be "Image:Wesker01.jpg". However, over use of numbers can lead to confusion, ie. "Image:Wesker-336363636-63636382-64.jpg".

Use of Wiki Markup

To avoid any confusion, here is a list of markups and what they do.


What it does

Example of use


Uses a template


[[Template:]] Links to a template; does not use Information can be found on [[Template:Example]]


disguises a link

Leon was saved by a [[Mike|Pilot]].


external link



internal link

[[Raccoon City]]





move viewer traffic

#REDIRECT [[Example]]

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