Dr. Hersh was a doctor at Raccoon General Hospital and one of George Hamilton's associates, who chose to stay at the hospital and treat the sick and wounded for as long as possible. He appears to be of Indian descent and has a British accent.


A group of survivors encountered Dr. Hersh when they took shelter inside, attempting to locate medical supplies. Dr. Hersh explained to the survivors that the hospital was no longer a safe place to stay and that they should escape as soon as he could find a way to repair the elevator.

When he restored power to the elevator, a group of leeches appeared. He tried to escape by climbing over a barricade that was blocking the survivors path but he fell in the process. When he regained his composure, he realized his wounded hand (which was bleeding) had attracted the creature, and he screamed before his seemingly-inevitable death.

His body was used by the leeches to form a base for their form, moving him like a marionette in search of survivors to feed on blood. He was killed in the fixed temperature laboratory.


Dr. Hersh is unlocked as a playable character in File #1 by completing The Hive on VERY HARD difficulty, and is already unlocked in File #2. The set where he appears in costs 4000 and 400 points, in File #1 and File #2, respectively.

Dr. Hersh is a George-type character. He starts in DANGER status with a Hemostat as his starting item.

There is another version of Hersh that can be played as well, but only through cheating devices, such as gameshark. However, unlike the regular version, it lacks proper stats, making it impossible for him to do damage to enemies and he will run very slowly. This version must be given stats via a stat modifier code in order to be fully playable. Visually, it doesn't look much different from his standard version; however, the lower jaw is somewhat buggy and will stretch to awkward positions. This version also has a more noticeable bloodstain on the bandage on his hand. This may be the model used when he first introduces himself to the survivors.

Further notesEdit

  • After killing the Leech man in the Fixed Temperature Laboratory, the survivors will be surprised to find out what Hersh had become and will make comments about it;
    • Kevin: So Leechy is the doc, huh?
    • Mark: So, the leeches controlled him.
    • Jim: It's that doctor guy. Shit, man.
    • George: So that doctor was the host...
    • David: Damnit!
    • Alyssa: So that thing possessed him?
    • Yoko: Shocking...
    • Cindy: So that doctor is also a victim?
  • Upon examining Hersh's body with Jim, he'll refer to him as "The Dhalsim looking guy." This is a reference to the other Capcom-owned franchise, Street Fighter.
  • Hersh's name is misspelled as "Hursh" in the English localization of Resident Evil Outbreak.
    • In most of the Japanese guides, his name is spelled "Hursh" as well when listed in English.



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