Higher Priorities (AC-28) is an Action Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game, introduced in the second expansion set Outbreak. Unlike other card's depicting scenes from Resident Evil 0 or its characters, this one does not have any trashing effects.


Higher Priorites is one of the few Action cards in the game to not have "symbol effects", but instead only has its primary text effect. The effect is reminiscient of symbol effects from other cards like Ominous Battle (AC-010), Escape from the Dead City (AC-004), or Reload (AC-005), but in this instance gives the player a choice every time its played. The options are drawing thre extra cards, or getting +2 Actions to play. Due to this it can serve several purposes and provide aid for quite a few character-specific strategies. It has a Gold Cost of 70.

The card's artwork comes from a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, specifically Train Derailment Part 1, showing Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers first meeting before engaging the encroaching zombies.


  • Additional Actions are absolutely necessary for any player using the Semi-Automatic Rifle, which gains +10 Damage for every Action played that turn. Sheva Alomar, who specializes in Rifle-type weapons, works perfectly with this card once she gains the weapon in question.
  • The second Jack Krauser card deals more damage for every card in his hand, making the draw effect quite useful if the more effective Fierce Battle (AC-017) is not in the Resource Area
  • If the player's inventory maintains a good ammo supply, using this card with Carlos Olivera may prove useful. Carlos' specializes in Machine Gun-type weapons, but works best with the Russian Assault Rifle, Signature Special, or Gatling Gun, which all have ammo requirements of "X" (meaning that the player can designate any amount of ammo as necessary). With the extra draws, Carlos can easily use his Level 1 effect to guarantee that he has enough ammo to use the weapons and insure the use of his Level 2 effect.
  • The second Leon S. Kennedy card can use his effects to take a card from his discard pile and put it directly on top of the player's inventory. Both effects can only be used once per turn, and are most useful after the player uses their Buy action. With this card, Leon can gain whatever card the player moved with his effects. If its a powerful weapon that was recently purchased, Exploring that same turn may prove successful.
  • The first Ada Wong card can sacrifice her Buy action to get an additional Action. If the player is in the habit of Action stacking, the extra two actions can pave the way for highly effective combos using cards like Deadly Aim (AC-002) multiple times to get more ammo and damage.
  • The second Claire Redfield card and George Hamilton both use Herbs to activate their effects. If a player tries a strategy commonly referred to as "Herb Lock", he or she can claim all the herbs from the pile and then use the draw effect to trash them all in one fell swoop, activating the characters' effects and giving back herbs that other players may need.
  • The Full Bore Machine Gun deals +30 Damage if the player has over 100 Ammo. Later in the game this isn't entirely difficult, but early on it can be quite tricky. The draw effect helps this along as well.