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The Hive/Host Capture Force, or H.C.F., was the private military attack force of Albert Wesker, former employee of the Umbrella Corporation and later operative of "the organization".


The H.C.F. are a highly trained group of soldiers under the direction of Wesker. When they were established is unknown. When Wesker became an operative of the mysterious Organization, he was directed by his superiors to acquire the newly discovered T-Veronica virus. Wesker and the H.C.F. were deployed to Rockfort Island on December 27, 1998[1] to retrieve a viral sample from Alfred and Alexia Ashford. They used assault planes to bomb the island and damaged much of its facility structures.

The attack led to the release of samples of the t-Virus from the labs, which infested the island. As the mission progressed and agents explored the island, Wesker kept in radio contact with his men in case an objective update was needed or a difficulty arose. Whenever such things occurred, Wesker, with his viral enhancements, would be incredibly fast to respond and get to his operatives' location. It was revealed that Alexia and T-Veronica were not on the island, but at an Antarctic outpost.

Immediately upon finding out Alexia's true location, Wesker and the H.C.F. abandoned Rockfort Island, and headed to Antarctica. Alexia was later destroyed by Wesker's nemesis, Chris Redfield, after she had mutated several times. Wesker and his men were robbed of the only living host containing a viral sample of T-Veronica with Alexia's demise. Wesker was undaunted by this change of events, however, as the corpse of the formerly mutated Steve Burnside was left intact, and he still had a surviving sample inside him.

Wesker ordered his men to retrieve Steve's body, and concluded that he may be resurrected by the virus as Wesker had been by his own virus. Although Wesker and H.C.F. were successful in getting a T-Veronica sample from Steve, and Wesker was able to get financial compensation for it from his Organization superiors (also keeping a sample for himself), it is unknown what H.C.F. did with Steve's body and if they truly did revive him. The H.C.F.'s status following the mission and whether they still served Wesker was also unknown.

Further notesEdit

  • Originally, it was believed the H.C.F. was actually affiliated with the rival company. However, Resident Evil 5 files reveal that it was in fact Wesker's own private military attack force. It is unknown whether he hired the group or created it himself.
  • Some of Wesker's men succumbed to t-virus infection. They are known as the "zombie Wesker subordinates", and can be distinguished by their laser-emitting night-vision goggles.[2]
  • The H.C.F. Were to re-appear in Biohazard 4 (3.5-Castle Version), which was also written by Noboru Sugimura, Code Veronica's writer.



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