"A marvelously crafted hourglass."
— Item examination

The Hourglass w/ Gold Decor is an item in Resident Evil 4. It is a small but beautiful hourglass.

In the maingame, it is a treasure item and is found in chest Chapter 3-3, during a fight with a Garrador. It is worth 12,000₧.

In Separate Ways, it is a key item in Chapter 3. It is found in a chest in the same the locked room on the castle balcony. Later Ada must use it to unlock the door in the room containing the cage trap by examining the chest Leon originally found it in and placing it in an indentation at the bottom of the chest.




Further notesEdit

In the Mercenaries mode, the model for this treasure is used for both time pickups (in which case the wooden part is blue) and bonus time (in an orange-brown color).


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