Further notes

The Hunter β (development code: MA-121) was a prototype model for the Hunter line of Bio Organic Weapons, designed as a derivative of the earlier α model. Unlike its predecessor, this prototype was developed by Umbrella Europe.[1]


The Hunter β was developed by Umbrella Europe to improve upon Birkin's Hunter α work. Due to Umbrella's ability to clone B.O.W.s at a low cost, they were free to continue making further genetic modifications to the Hunter α, focusing on improving the Hunter's performance abilities. While its attack power was reduced in the process, its nervous system was improved, decreasing reaction time when being shot at.[2][excerpt 1]

In September 1998, Umbrella Europe was preparing final tests of the Hunter β before they could making the final decision on whether or not to mass-produce it.[3] Taking advantage of the situation in Raccoon City later in the month, twenty of the Hunters were shipped to the United States and transported by truck into Raccoon City where the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and their Monitors were to test and record the creatures' performance.

During their time in Raccoon City, the Hunters used the Raccoon General Hospital as a hunting ground; a β model was witnessed by Carlos Oliveira hunting down and decapitating zombies.



  1. Excerpt from BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK, p.72: "ハンターは高い格闘戦能力と、 きわめて単純な命令 (遭遇する者をすべて抹殺せよ、 など) であればこなせるだけの知能を有する、”洋館事件” においてもっとも成功に近い結果を出したB.O.W.である。 低コストでのクローニングも容易であることから、 アンブレラでは次期主力商品として性能向上に力を入れ、 さらなる遺伝子改造を重ねてこのβ型を誕生させた。 試作タイプであるα型にくらべて攻撃力はやや低下し、 外観も醜悪となったものの、 神経系統の改良にともない俊敏性は格段に上昇、 銃撃の回避をも可能とする驚異的な瞬発力を実現している。 ラクーンシティには、 量産間の最終を目的に、 20体前後が投入された。"
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