Hyper Zombies are zombies that can display a sudden burst of speed and sprint toward its target. Although uncoordinated, they induce much more damage than their more lethargic counterparts.

The first concept of a "hyper zombie" arose when Resident Evil 2 was delayed. Developing Resident Evil: Director's Cut as an apology for the delay, it was decided that a number of changes were to be made to force expert player to rechange their strategy. The "hyper zombie" was born by Shinji Mikami as a strong and fast zombie that would kill unexpecting players who miscalculate it, particularly those using handguns and knives.[1] Forest Speyer's status as such a zombie continued into the remake.

A number of fast zombies also appear in Resident Evil: Dead Aim and Resident Evil Outbreak.


  1. BIO-HAZARD DIRECTOR'S CUT: Inside of BIO-HAZARD (2nd ed.). Capcom. October 2001. 

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