Further notes

Its only attack in its first form was using its sharp clawed arm to stab its prey. Its second form could strike with a swift lunging strike.

One of its third form attacks lifted his opponents, impaling them in its claw and throwing them around as though they were a rag doll. His other attacks included a shoulder tackle (reminiscent of the ones performed by the T-103s encountered all over Sheena island), and a jump strike. It is also worth noting that despite two Sidewinders — which are significantly more powerful than any shoulder launched weapon — detonating on it is simultaneously it still made one last scream showing it's ferocity and resiliency.

In the first battle, it is advised to shoot its head with the handgun; if it runs in the player's direction, evade and search another place to start shooting again. In the heliport, care must be taken, using both the grenade gun and the magnum.