Further notes

The Iluzija relies on stealth to ambush its prey. With its camouflage ability, the creature is hard to detect. Its attacks are:

  • Constrict: The creature wil wrap its body around its prey, attempting to weaken him/her, prompting the QTE. If failed, the Iluzija will bite the player's head resulting in an instant death.
  • Grab and Throw: The camera automatically directs at the creature, signalling that it will perform this attack. If the Iluzija successfully grabs hold of the player a QTE will commence, and if failed the creature will fling the player around the room and throw him/her to the ground, dealing moderate amount of damage.



The snake while camouflaged.

True to the nature of its abilities, the Iluzija seems to primarily be a stealth-based attacker. It uses its camouflage ability to hide from its prey as it circles around and stalks them, waiting for the opportunity to attack. The Iluzija will open its mouth wide, giving its location away briefly, before it strikes. Although this is a sure sign, sometimes it is not as easily noticeable as it will sometimes attack from above as well.

The Iluzija will also go through walls or where applicable up from under its prey to attack. It demonstrates enough strength to easily smash its head through a floor-ceiling to strike downwards at a target.[1] Its primary mode of attacking is to snap its jaws down upon its prey to drag them away, though it has also been seen that it uses its large body to constrict its prey.


The Iluzija is almost impossible to see with its ability to blend in with the background, but players with keen eyes can spot the creature easily as it usually leaves a vague ripple giving away its position. Also, the player's laser sight will appear to refract when aiming at the creature, indicating its presence. Chris' Assault Rifle or the Assault Shotgun should do the job in damaging the creature. The Iluzija's attacks usually has a noticeable wind-up leaving it vulnerable. The Grab and Throw leaves the creature open so when it performs this attack, immediately shoot it. Most of its attacks are avoidable by diving to either left or right. Continue to damage the creature until it retreats.

The "ripple" given off by the Iluzija's presence takes on the same color as the player's laser sight, so if the player is still having trouble detecting the creature against the environment, an easy way to fix things is to change the laser color in the options menu to something that will contrast the room better.



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