Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Inéz Diaco was a member of TerraSave. She took part in their investigation of Sonido de Tortuga Island alongside Claire Redfield.


She was dispatched to the Sonido de Tortuga Island with Claire Redfield to investigate potential B.O.W. outbreaks in the area, especially after the latter had a run-in with a mutated fish in the fish market. She then became reacquainted with a childhood friend of hers, Marilou Mabou, at the village on the island, also inquiring her of the odd fish. While meeting, she later got involved in a scuffle with the producer of the Japanese-American reality show Idol Survival, Mike D. Seaman, eventually revealing her ties to TerraSave when he complained about her free access to the village. A few days later, she and Marilou then proceeded to explore one of the temples that her village worships. They eventually uncovered a bound four-armed creature with a mask, with Diaco deducing it to be a B.O.W., but she alongside Marilou were captured by several villagers led by the village chief. After Claire discovered the island's ties to Umbrella, she then called Diaco, notifying her that she's got a bad feeling of what they are going to encounter on the island as a warning.

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