On September 24th, 1998, in the midst of the Raccoon City Incident, several survivors waited here for others to arrive so they could quickly escape when help reached them. The area was safe because two exits were destroyed and another was blocked off. In a nearby taxi, an unusually large amount of blood suggests someone was eaten while being dragged out alive.

File #2

October 1st: After the incident in the Umbrella R&D Center, the group (canonically including Linda) go past here in multiple ways ...

If Linda and the others are washed away, they will end up in the canal/tunnel. Linda or the player will be shot or shot at by Arnold, a UBCS commander, from the highway above.
If the player takes the ladder, they will meet up with Linda in the Apple Inn and take her away. Arnold will not be present.

Umbrella Chronicles

On September 28th, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira travel past the Apple Inn on their way around the city.

On October 1st, Ada Wong manages to escape the Underground Facility and heads to the Apple Inn to look for a fellow spy