In Front Of J'S BAR is an area visited in the titular scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak and in the Raccoon's Destruction scenario of Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles.



  • A scream can be heard when going down the end of the street behind Raymond. The scream is required to hear in order to obtain a 100% Event Checklist. It occurs very rarely, in a 1/16 chance.
  • In order to advance to the next area, the player must do one of two things;
    • Push the two patrol cars to make a barricade.
    • Or wait in the area long enough to start the cutscene.
    • Once the player is in, they cannot go back.
  • The enemies in this area are five Zombies on EASY and NORMAL, or five Scissortails at HARD and VERY HARD.
  • On HARD and VERY HARD, a great strategy to keep the Scissortails at bay is to use the first patrol car to normally build the barricade; as they cannot go under the patrol cars, the player can simply wait for the cutscene to start, in order to save the rare ammunition found in these difficulties.
  • A Shotgun can be found inside the trunk of the last patrol car.

Special ItemsEdit

Three items here, and two are costume-based.