In front of the Umbrella building (アンブレラビル前 Anburerabiru mae?) is an area of Sheena Island's urban district. This area is where the cutscene of the intro took place during the early stages of the game.[1]


The entrance to the Umbrella can be located up ahead. The rest of the road has been blocked off, by a barricade on the left and a large truck on the right.


This area is where Ark regains little of his memory however it still remains unclear. There is a Red Herb in the area.


Location Localization Original script
The door to the Liquor store if the player didn't come from there It's locked from the other side.
The door to the VIP room if the player didn't come from there It's locked.




  1. Hamada, SURVIVOR, pp.100-101

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