"A powerful explosive that blasts attackers with flames."
— Item description

Incendiary grenade is a generic term for an antipersonnel grenade designed to create a fiery blast with a chemical reaction caused by substances like white phosphorous or thermite. Often, combat is not their primary role, an alternative use to demolishing equipment or creating smokescreens.

As a replacement for Molotov cocktails, Resident Evil 4 is the first game in the franchise to introduce Incendiary Grenades. Since then they have appeared in Resident Evil 5, 6 and Operation Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 4

Making its first appearance in Resident Evil 4, the Incendiary Grenade's design is similar to the Hand Grenade, with only the coloration of their body setting them apart.

Upon landing, the grenade lets up a burst of flames stopping crowds of enemies pursuing you. The flames last awhile and will damage enemies that happen to walk into them. The flames will also damage players who get too close to them. It will do less damage than the Hand Grenades but will instantly kill Colmillos. Each grenade takes up 2 spaces of inventory and can sold for 1000₧.

Ada Wong and Albert Wesker start with three and a single incendiary grenades respectively in the Mercenaries minigame.

Resident Evil 5

"A hand grenade that explodes into flames upon impact. Slows down attackers as well as inflicts damage."

The Incendiary Grenade makes a return in Resident Evil 5 sporting a different design compared to its Resident Evil 4 counterpart. However, with Resident Evil 5's inventory system, the player can stack up to 5 Incendiary Grenades per item slot. Each one can be sold for ₦200.

Resident Evil 6

The Incendiary Grenade in Resident Evil 6 still sports the same design as Resident Evil 5. Up to five of these grenades can be stacked in a single item slot. They appear in both Leon's and Ada's campaigns and are common in availability in Leon's scenario.

It is incredibly useful against zombies, since they are weak against fire. A grenade is enough to incinerate a group of zombies and can even kill a Bloodshot.


Incendiary Grenades in Resident Evil 6

Operation Raccoon City

Incendiary Grenades return in Operation Raccoon City, where they can be used by both the USS and the Government SpecOps. Players can carry up to three grenades at a time. There is a noticeable delay between the time when the grenade hits the ground and the time it detonates. When it does, it releases a large series of bursts of flames.


The incendiary will cause any enemy in its blast radius to stumble for several seconds, eventually collapsing from the flames. A common Ganado or Majini will generally not perish from the flames, but they will rarely ever survive two. An often mentioned use for the incendiary grenade is blocking off enemies from a certain spot, as enemies that rush into the site will instantly burst aflame. However, for balancing reasons, the duration of the blaze is only a few seconds. The throw must still be well timed to catch enemies in the blast. The incendiary only does minor damage to the player character and detonates upon impact, making it a good "point defense" of sorts if cornered. If multiple enemies are caught but not killed by the blast, a good idea is to switch to a shotgun and fire it into the center of the flames, typically killing every enemy caught in the fire.

Otherwise, its use is similar to the hand grenade. It can effectively break up a mob of lesser enemies. They are effective in softening up a tougher foes. Novistador, among others, are heavily affected by the incendiary effect, and the Garrador will stagger blindly, often exposing their weak point.

Further notes

  • The Incendiary does comparatively little damage to the player characters.
  • In addition to the Incendiary Grenade and Molotov Cocktail, Incendiary Rounds can also be found in most of the games, fired out of grenade launchers.