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""Stranger, stranger. Now THAT's a weapon!""
— The Merchant upon purchasing the Launcher.

The Infinite Launcher is an unlockable weapon available in Resident Evil 4. As the name suggests, it is a rocket launcher with infinite ammunition, giving players unlimited access to one of the most devastating weapons in the series.


The Infinite Launcher is unlocked after beating the main game once. It can then be purchased from the Merchant for the price of 1,000,000₧. It has a resale value of 500,000₧. Besides having infinite uses, it functions identically to the regular Rocket Launcher. The speed in which it can be fired is fairly quicker.

The weapon is anatomically identical to the regular Rocket Launcher, but it is held on Leon's right shoulder at all times rather than on his back. Because of that, Leon has to put it on his back when using his knife.

  • Examine: Infinite Launcher

"The ultimate rocket launcher! Fire away!"


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