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Further notes

Iron Maidens are a variant of the Regeneradors, large humanoid creatures well above a normal human's height. They share most physical traits with the Regenerador, but with slight differences; they have a larger mouth that takes up almost their whole face, have a purple hue to their skin and many large, pointed spikes and nails protruding from their bodies. Their name comes from the ancient torturing tool, the Iron Maiden, which was a standing coffin of sorts filled with sharp spikes on the inside which you would lock victims into.

Much like the Regeneradores, they can be shot several times with no effect and their lost limbs will regrow in a matter of seconds, even the head, and they house several leech-like Plagas as well. However, the Iron Maidens lack visible eyes and have a slower walking speed than Regeneradores but can crawl much faster. The Iron Maidens tend to use their spikes as weapons, having a special attack where they grab Leon, pull him toward itself and then extend their spikes, impaling him for massive damage. They do not use their mouths to attack due to it being severely deformed. They walk in a slow, deliberate manner, constantly suffering from rapid, spastic movements. When dying, the upper torso erratically launches the spikes adorning its body.

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