Further notes

Iron Maidens behave and function nearly identically to Regeneradors, albeit with new attacks. They also have smaller plaga parasites attached to their bodies that can only be seen with the infrared scope. However, even on normal difficulty, at least one parasite will be placed on their backs.

As with Regeneradors, Iron Maidens will leave behind its pelvis if they are killed while missing both legs.


Melee 1: The spikes inside of their body will extend and impale you.

Melee 2: It will grab your shoulders and bite your neck.

Ranged 1: It extends its arms to grab you and bring you towards them, initiating Melee 2.

Ranged 2: It extends its arms and slaps you.


Encounter Location Description
Chapter 5-1 Culture room Needs to be defeated because it will drop the Storage Room Card Key
Chapter 5-2 Underground waste dump Two will be fought here. The second will spawn after the player pushes the container into the water. Although they do not need to be killed, it is near impossible to progress without stopping them. Both drop 20,000₧ upon defeat.


Despite its enhanced nature, Iron Maidens should be engaged using the same methods as a standard Regenerador, albeit with a greater caution as they can cover distances with no difficulties. It should also be noted that Iron Maidens possess a hidden Plaga on their back. The only way to get it is to shoot one of the legs first, then after they fall the plaga is visible to shoot. It's also a good idea to carry around a grenade as a means to defeat them from safe distances.

In the waste disposal, (after taking out the first Iron Maiden), it is also possible to shoot the back plagas off the second through the chain link fence without blowing off any of its legs or using incendiary grenades. Instead, push the dumpster into the water, then walk back to the chain fence, and you will see the Iron Maiden standing on the other side, unaware of your position, and with its back exposed, revealing the plagas. Once eradicated, this will allow the player to concentrate on the frontal plagas without the need of removing a limb or the use of an incendiary grenade.

Use extreme caution if Ashley is with you, she is vulnerable to its attack and she will have trouble avoiding it. Ashley should be sent to hide in the trash bins before attempting to fight the Iron Maidens.


The Iron Maidens fill basically the same role as the Regenerador, although they are encountered less frequently. Leon only encounters three of them.

Lab Room


The first Iron Maiden Leon encounters

Leon first encounters an Iron Maiden shortly after entering a research lab on the island when you see the beast lurking into a door through the cameras. The first Iron Maiden holds a key-card necessary to open Ashley's cell, likely placed there to deter Leon's progress. It is advisable to go into the room before the Iron Maiden to give you space from it. Take the opportunity to snipe the hidden Plagas' in its body before it gets close. There is another way to get to this Iron Maiden instead of looking through the Security Camera. When you walk into the room before the Security Camera Room, there is a glass window. Shoot that window and it will trigger the Iron Maiden to come out.

Garbage Disposal Area

After you jump down the Garbage Disposal, a cut scene occurs and you notice Ashley landed on an Iron Maiden. You know trouble is about to happen (if you take out the infrared scope and zoom on the Iron Maiden, you can see it's still giving off heat - it's not dead). After you open the first lever, a cut scene occurs where the Iron Maiden gets back up. Ashley is able to hide in the dumpster, and Leon has the advantage of being able to close gates down on the Iron Maiden, stalling its advance; however, do not think that the Iron Maiden will be unable to pass; it can still open the gate after a period of time. After killing the first Iron Maiden and moving a short distance further, another one will show up. After pushing the crate into the water and walking farther over the second Iron Maiden appears. It is easier to go back to the gates and kill it there as it will give you time to stall. It is then possible to lure it over there and go out the door.

In the garbage disposal area, do NOT try to get to the second garbage bin (you must push a heavy box out of the way with Ashley's help. In fact, the second one only spawns after the box's been pushed.) and attack the first Iron Maiden from there; the second one, hiding in the nearby hallway, will definitely sneak up on you and attack. Instead, dispose of the first Maiden before you move the box, then you can deal with the second one without being attacked from behind. Also, there are flammable barrels by the gates. You can use those to kill the Plaga on the back of the Iron Maiden.

Due to their lack of mandible usage, the Iron Maidens lack perhaps the Regenerador's strongest and most lethal attack, the shoulder-bite. Instead, they will try to grab you, then pull you into a "death-hug", impaling Leon on their spikes. Unless you have a large amount of health, this attack will almost always cause death, particularly on Pro Mode. The deadly "jumping bite" that the Regeneradors use to give an excellent effect is replaced with the Iron Maiden repelling its spikes, which deal medium damage.