Irving's Great Escape is a cutscene in Chapter 2-2 of Resident Evil 5.



Chris: "Freeze!"

Irving: "Oh shit!"

Sheva: "So you must be Irving?"

Irving: "Wow, perceptive, aren't 'cha?"

Sheva: "You think this is a joke? You're just like all the other pieces of scum

Irving: "Oh I'm not like them! I'm a businessman with standards."

Chris: "Drop the weapon."

Irving: " 'bout you drop yours."

Jill: "Hurry!"

Irving: "Suckers!"

Chris: "Shit!

Sheva: "Looks like Irving has a partner."

Chris: "There must be something here he didn't want us to see."

Sheva: "What is it?"

Chris: "Look at this."

Sheva: "The oil field...that's in the marshlands!"

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.



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