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Isla Bonale outbreak2

The Isla Bonale outbreak is a tentative name for the incident on the Isla Bonale vacation resort.


Isla Bonale outbreak

Isla Bonale was an island in the eastern Caribbean, famed for being an exclusive resort with few humans allowed at a time. Much of the island interior was forest, with the lack of further human encroachment allowing life to remain diverse.


Moray eel

The moray eel mutation was one of most defining events of the outbreak.

At some point before the 1998 Raccoon City incident, a transport plane carrying B.O.W.s and samples of the G-Virus crashed on the island while making a cross-Atlantic flight to the US. The resulting viral spill quickly infected everyone on the island, with two diving tourists being the only people to be spared.

Life on the island became significantly more dangerous as a result of G-Virus infection. A carnivorous plant, for example, became a man eater. A moray eel in the waters was infected after consuming a corpse, resulting in it growing to tremendous size and moving across the beach and forest in search prey.

The outbreak came to an end when Dr. William Birkin, leader of the G-Virus development program, personally took charge of the cleanup effort after news of the plane crash was received in a distress call. The two survivors were also executed to prevent disclosure of the events.