The infirmary (医務室所 Imu-shitsu?)[1] was a room in one of the island's facilities, located adjacent to the confinement room where Ashley Graham was locked-up in.


A few X-rays vision was shown here.


Upon entry, a numbers of ganados militia armed with crossbow and stunt rod can be seen guarding the place. A Shotgun Shell can be found inside an open locker downstairs toward the Culture room. There is a typewriter and a green herb not far from door to the Culture room. Upon obtained the Storage Room Card Key, another group of ganados militia will also present here, even though they were kill before.

In Assignment: Ada, a Gatling Man is encounter here.


Main game
Location Action Localization Original script
The screens CHECK What are these X-Rays showing?
Assignment Ada
Location Action Localization Original script
The door at bottom of the stairs OPEN (locked door sound) It's locked.




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