Wharf B (埠頭B Futō B?) is the second area of the island. The continuation of Wharf A, Leon must venture into an area guarded by armed ganados militia while attempting to rescue Ashley. The Killer7 and some few weapons upgrade will become available in the buy list of the merchant upon reaching this area.


There are a couple of tents, sandbags and a small cave in this area. A merchant and typewriter can be found inside a small shack.


A Golden Lynx can be found inside a small treasure box inside a room which can be reveal upon firing at the oil drum.

In Assignment Ada, she will also encounter a huge horde of armed ganados militia. Unlike Leon, Ada will use her grappling hook to reach the stairs hallway immediate.


Main game
Location Action Localization Original script
The door CHECK (locked door sound) It's locked.
The red button CHECK There's a switch here. Press it? (Choice: Yes / No?)
Assignment Ada
Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the Kitchen CHECK (locked door sound) This door's locked. There has to be another way into the complex.




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