Item Management (AC-009) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It was included in the base set and is included in several of the game's scenarios. It costs 30 Gold to obtain from the Resource Area.


Item Management is a card that comes in handy for obtaining larger Ammo cards by allowing the player using it to Trash one Ammo card for one that is worth at least 30 Gold more. Essentially, it turns a x10 into a x20, or a x20 into a x30. This is useful for players that want to accumulate larger amounts of ammo more quickly but after they've obtained nothing but x30 cards, it becomes quite useless unless more small ammo cards are suddenly obtained. As an added bonus, a player using Rebecca Chambers can simply use her Level 1 effect to give the useless ammo card to an opposing player that doesn't need it. This comes in handy when up against players using Jack Krauser or Leon S. Kennedy.

The image on the card is a screenshot of Jill Valentine's Inventory in REmake.